YMCA Sneaker Ball 2016 a Success!

Sneaker Ball 2016 group

The YMCA Sneaker Ball, which took place February 6, raised $335,000 for the Greater Naples YMCA! It was a huge success and I’m so proud to have been a part of it. I was co-chair of the event, along with Nannette Staropoli, owner of MARKIT Group. It was great to see so many in the community come out to support the Y! The facility has had its fair share of mishaps (it has been less than a year since it reopened after a fire took place in September 2013). I can’t wait to see the improvements that can be made at the YMCA with these donations!

This article was published in the Naples Daily News’ Collier Citizen. It’s a great read for those of you who couldn’t attend the event. Be on the lookout for upcoming events in the community!

Sock hop at the Y: Donors kick up their heels at YMCA Sneaker Ball

By Lance Shearer

Decorating the gym for the big dance is a time-honored American tradition. But rather than the high school, this was the gymnasium at the YMCA — and these were the big kids.

The Greater Naples YMCA held its Sneaker Ball fundraiser Saturday night, inviting donors to dress up like they did when they were steaming up car windows, going to the Senior Prom for real and looking ahead at their lives.

The ladies in attendance, for the most part, split between going with the “Sneaker Ball” theme or showing up in high heels, but some combined the two to hilarious or eye-catching effect. Trisha Borges made the scene in a pair of Guiseppe Zanotti six-inch-heeled sneakers, glittering silver, with zippers, lace tie-ups and buckles, and further accessorized herself by providing a matching pair for husband Eric.

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