Naples Florida One of Top 10 Most
Expensive Housing Markets in Florida

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If you live in Naples, you know how the housing market is. There are many affordable homes if you look in the right places, but there are also plenty of pricey homes especially along the water and beach front.

The Home Buying Institute put out an article with a top 10 list of the most expensive markets in Florida. The report was put together by Coldwell Banker, a real estate company. In the report, the company compiled an average price for four bedroom, two bath homes on Coldwell Banker’s website from December 2014-June 2015. Based on the data, the average price for these homes in Florida is $250,534.

The most expensive city in Florida? Doral, a city near Miami. The 4 bedroom, 2 bath homes here average for $552,390. Naples hit number 10 on the list with an average price of $394,303.

Check out the article to see which other cities made the list.