The Best Naples Fishing Spots

best places to fish in naples

Once any fisherman (or woman) wants to settle down somewhere, or even just spend a week vacationing, they’re likely to wonder where the best fishing spots are located. Luckily for those traveling to Naples, living here full time, or planning to move, there’s both fresh and salt water fishing. The beaches, the pier, lakes, canals, backwaters, Naples has every spot a fisherman could want…. well except maybe ice fishing. In this article we’re going to discuss a few of the best spots for the casual fisher or the everyday-after-work fisher.

naples pier

The Pier
The Pier is not only for tourists looking to snap shots of the sunset or the occasional dolphin. Anyone who has visited The Pier knows its crawling with fishermen. This isn’t just a coincidence, the Pier is a great place to catch fish. Head down to the end and you’ll see the guys and girls that get there early in the morning with all their gear and spend the day. Some days you will see everyone catching something. Other days, just a few bites. The Pier can be hit or miss, especially because it’s tough to find schools of fish and you’re also competing with everyone else around you. The Pier can be a fun social event especially for such a solitary sport like fishing. The people out there regularly get to know each other, and you’ll likely make a few friends. Get some advice about the right bait or lures to use. A common lure is a pink spoon-like one, usually found at Ace Hardware nearby.


Alright so this isn’t technically in Naples, it’s about an hour away, but it’s a great day trip for those looking to catch freshwater fish like largemouth bass. Head out on I-75 towards Miami and you’ll find a few recreational areas along the way. These areas offer boat launches if you bring your boat. But don’t worry if you don’t have a boat. Many people will fish along the canals. Bring a chair, lunch, plenty of sunscreen, and drinks! Also bring your tackle box with multiple lure options. Test out these lures to see what the fish are biting at around there.



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Gordon River
This is the river that runs along Tin City, The Boat House, and Crayton Cove. The Gordon River runs straight into the Gulf of Mexico. There are many marinas because of this close proximity to the ocean. Many areas along the river provide great habitats for fish, especially among the mangroves. Red fish, snapper, and pompano are common in these parts. Shrimp work great as bait, whether its fresh or frozen. Find a quiet area without too many boats (the river is mostly wake-free due to manatee zones), turn off the motor, and anchor down. You may be surprised how many fish you catch.

Lake Okeechobee

Lake Okeechobee

Lake Okeechobee is a bass fisherman’s paradise. Yes it’s not in Naples, but it’s just a 2 hour drive! Plan a weekend with your friends or some alone time to just get away from it all. Bring your boat, rent one, or hire a charter with a local guide. You will be sure to have a great time on the water out here. The lake is huge, so there is no reason you can’t land at least one nice fish. There are tons of charters and tackle shops around, be sure to ask what lures or bait does best in the area.


Any Beach

If you don’t have a boat, don’t feel like you’re missing out. There are miles of coastline that are prime spots for fishing. Don’t think that just because you’re fishing from the coast you won’t land any big fish. Tons of shore fishermen have caught big fish, including sharks! There are beaches all over Naples so you won’t be at a loss for a place to fish. Live bait tends to do well when fishing on the coast. You can even invest in a bait casting net and catch your own bait fish. Check out our article on the best beaches in Naples to see which might be right for you.

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