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MyxnScents is one of Naples’ newest stores, located in the Bayfront center near Tin City. The store offers soaps, candles, and many other scented items. So you’re thinking it’s a bath and beauty store, right? Nope. Is it a gift store? Not necessarily. MyxnScents offers a unique twist on its products, the ability to customize the scent. The store has over 460 scents in stock which can be mixed and put into any of their products. These items range from fresheners to after shave lotion to fragrance sprays. Its a bit like the paint and fire pottery shops that became popular a few years back. The ability to create your own scent means you’re creating something unique to you or whomever you are giving the item to as a gift.

MyxnScents even offers catering! You can host your party at the store and have it catered by EJ’s Bayfront Cafe. Stop by and feel like a mad scientist as you mix ingredients to create your perfect scent.

457 Bayfront Place

Monday-Saturday 11am-5pm
Sunday 9am-3pm

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