Local Food Businesses in SWFL

I was checking out Naples Illustrated this morning and came across their new article “21 Homegrown Foodie Finds“. Nowadays who isn’t a self-proclaimed foodie? We all love food, especially the good stuff. Their article has 21 SWFL-based food entrepreneurs making everything from chocolates to dog treats. Now you can be a foodie and support a local business owner!

21 Homegrown Foodie Finds
By Chelle Koster Walton
Naples Illustrated

With so many Paradise Coast–based entrepreneurs whipping up delicious treats—from ales, chocolates, juices, and jams to dog biscuits—Southwest Florida is a locavore’s dream….

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Below are the 21 companies they list…


Candy Grandy

Once Upon a Bean

Olde Naples Chocolate

Norman Love Confections


Lee Queen Bee

Walker Farms

Naples Honey Company

Juices, Jams & Spreads

Betsy’s Best – nut butters

The Mustard Factory



Jacquie’s Jamming

Craft Beer

Point Ybel Brewing Company

Momentum Brewhouse

Riptide Brewing Company

Fort Myers Brewing Company

Naples Beach Brewery

Pet Food

dogs love kale

Dogs Love Kale

Top Dog Kitchen

Smilin’ Dog Bakery

Dipidy Dawg


Oakes Farms