The best shopping and dining experience is at Fifth Avenue Naples

Fifth Avenue Naples

Apart from the amazing beaches, Fifth Avenue South is one of the top destinations in Naples. Visitors from around the US, as well as internationally, flock to the area to experience the upscale Naples lifestyle.  The street is lined with the best restaurants, clothing stores, coffee shops, gelaterias, art galleries, and more. On any given night during the busy season, Fifth Avenue Naples is a buzz of activity. Just sit and watch the cars drive past, you won’t be surprised to see Bentleys, Ferraris, and maybe a Rolls Royce here and there.

Don’t worry about parking on Fifth if you are not comfortable parallel parking. A parking garage is situated just off the avenue to ensure spots for shoppers and diners. During events such as the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, you will want to get there early, as these events draw huge crowds. After you park, take a walk down the pristine sidewalks as you take in the sights and sounds. Dining tables from the great local restaurants, and huge window displays from the exclusive shops line the pathway. Pick up a quick coffee or take a seat at one of the many quaint cafes dotting Fifth Avenue Naples. One long-standing staple is the 5th Avenue Coffee Company & 6th Street Diner. They have many umbrella covered tables where you can enjoy coffee and fresh pastries while you sit outdoors. Or if you are a Starbucks junkie, you will be able to get your fix at their Fifth Avenue Naples location.

Fifth avenue naples

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Once you are on your way again, you will want to hit up some of our local shops. Fifth Avenue Naples has everything from jewelry, apparel, home furnishings, gifts, pet supplies, and more. Stop in some of the art galleries and see the great works offered by locally and nationally renowned artists. Or you can just window shop if you plan to save up for a fancy dinner!

You can’t go wrong with one of the many restaurants on Fifth Avenue Naples. Cuisines as diverse as Persian, Italian, American, and more, can be found here. Stop by early and enjoy happy hour specials that many of the restaurants offer. These restaurants are perfect for lunch or dinner, some even offer specialty brunch menus for certain days of the week. One of the latest additions to Fifth is Hobnob Kitchen & Bar, which was featured in the New York Times. Take your time finding the perfect restaurant for you! Compare the menu offerings then grab a table and enjoy the finest dining Naples has to offer.

Be sure to save room for dessert! Fifth Avenue Naples is home to a wide array of dessert shops serving up frozen custard, ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, cupcakes, and even popcorn. The Popcorn Cellar is a gourmet popcorn experience offering specialty flavors like truffle parmesan, cinnamon bun, Key Lime pie, and original flavors like white cheddar and kettle corn. For the sweet tooth Kilwin’s of Naples is the top spot, serving up ice cream, chocolate, and fudge.

From window shopping to art gallery browsing, from sipping coffee or wine to dining on steak or lobster, Fifth Avenue Naples is truly an experience everyone needs to enjoy at least once.

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