The Best Beaches in Naples Florida

Probably the biggest draw of Naples are the beautiful, white sand beaches. You can not find any place along the coast of this city that is not breathtaking. Some beaches have certain characteristics, making them attractive to different beach-goers. All beaches require either a beach pass (which residents can get at their local government office) or you will pay a fee or use a parking meter. So which beach should you frequent? We will discuss a few the best beaches in Naples and why you should plan to spend your afternoon there.

 Vanderbilt Beach

The first in the list of the best beaches in Naples is Vanderbilt Beach. This is by far the most popular beach in North Naples. Head toward the coast on Vanderbilt Beach Road and you will run right into this beach. On your left will be a three-tiered parking garage; the cost is $10 for the day, but it is free to park if you have a beach sticker. During season you want to get there early, as the parking garage can fill up quickly. Once you park, it’s just a quick walk to the beach. Some amenities at this beach include restrooms, water fountain, beach showers, and bike racks. A few companies along the beach rent out chairs, and cabanas. Another company provides water sports activities like jetskis, parasailing, and more. A quick walk down the beach in either direction will yield and few beach-front restaurants to enjoy lunch.

best beaches in naplesClam Pass

Another popular North Naples beach is Clam Pass. If you head down Pine Ridge Road all the way to the end, you will run right into the beach parking lot. There is a fee to park at this beach if you do not have a beach parking sticker. Once you park, you will walk towards a cabana area where a golf cart shuttle will take you to the beach. You can also walk the boardwalk to the beach, the distance is three quarters of a mile and should take about 20 minutes. Whether you drive or walk, the scenery along the way is very unique to Florida; you will see mangroves and other native Florida plants.

Once you arrive at the beach, you will walk through an area containing the restrooms, as well as a small restaurant where you can order food like burgers, chicken fingers, and more. Further down to the left is a place to rent chairs and other beach equipment. This beach also has showers so you can rinse off before you leave. This beach is quite long and a very popular place to just walk or look for shells. When you plan to leave there may be a line for the shuttle, but if you don’t mind, the walk is a nice way to decompress from a day in the sun. The journey to and from the beach makes Clam Pass one of the best beaches in Naples.

Naples Pier

The Naples Pier beach is located downtown, along Gulf Shore Boulevard and 12th Avenue South. Some will argue it is one of the best beaches in Naples due to the views from the Pier. There is a small parking lot near the Pier, which requires either a beach sticker or a fee. The Pier is a popular fishing spot, as you walk along don’t be surprised to find many people reeling up fish. Towards the end of the pier is where the serious fishermen take up residence, many catching huge fish and even sharks. You will also find pelicans in the area, hoping to steal a fish or some bait. The Pier has restrooms at the beginning, and a small snack store in the middle selling sodas, hot dogs, and more. The beach is in front of many residences, it makes for a very nice walk especially in such a wealthy area with large, expensive homes. After a day at the beach, you are close by 5th Avenue and can stop somewhere for an early dinner or late lunch.


This beach is also located downtown, along Gulf Shore Boulevard near Banyan Boulevard. This is the best beach for a picnic, as there are multiple tables and pavilions right near the beach. The parking lot is fairly big and requires a beach sticker or a meter. There is a children’s playground and a volleyball court. There is a large pavillion that serves quick-serve foods like hot dogs, hamburgers, and more. The bathrooms, water fountain, and rinse off stations are also located at the pavilion. The beach has a few shaded areas but tend to become occupied quickly. Be sure to bring the whole family to Lowdermilk to enjoy food and fun at the beach.

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